Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Kotas Reviews S'mores M&Ms

The last fading moments of summer are fast a weird timey wimey kind of way. I will have fond memories of summer, what with the blistering heat, the endless yard work, and the s'mores. Oh the s'mores! They've translated pretty well to cookie format, but will they make the leap to candy? Let's find out. Today we review S'mores M&Ms.

Crispy! Because, reasons! SINISTER REASONS.
I've not generally been a fan of the Crispy line of M&Ms. I don't know if they use a different chocolate or if the crispy part is made of fail, but every time I eat them I am disappointed in the taste. It always just seems off to me. Still, I don't think they are vile or anything, they just aren't really for me. My love of s'mores, however, has brought me back to give them a second try. The fact that my buddy [REDACTED] got me a free bag didn't hurt either! I would have reviewed these earlier, but due to a series of wacky mishaps the bag was lost and then found again. 

That said, hoo boy is this artwork all over the place. I kinda dig the stylized s'more of the word "s'more", but neon green and tan are two colors which really don't belong together. Also, why is Red the anthropomorphic character used here? Crispy is traditionally orange! Oh well, let's move on and see what these babies look like.

Well, this is sort of familiar.
These have almost exactly the same color scheme as the Coffee Nut M&Ms I reviewed a while back. And you know what? They taste a lot like them too. In fact, these remind me mostly of tiramisu rather than s'mores. I suppose there is the vague hint of something graham cracker-esque hiding in the aftertaste, but mostly? I get coffee. The crispy bits are their usual disappointment, but they don't detract too much from the experience. This one is very strange.

On the FACE Rating System, these get 0 faces. They aren't terrible, and they are sort of interesting, but they are almost but not quite exactly unlike s'mores in almost every area. If you are looking for a coffee flavored M&M that DOESN'T have nuts in it, this is your next stop on the path to flavor country. For everyone else, eat 'em or don't, your call.