The FACE Rating System

The FACE Rating System is used by Kotas Reviews Everything to assign a "Feeling" about any particular reviewed thing. Why the FACE Rating System and not something like "X out of Y [Stars|Popcorn Tubs|Etc]"? Because we (well, I) here at Kotas Reviews Everything know that a lot of what is covered here will be very, very subjective. The FACE Rating System allows us to indicate our particular feelings about something, in spite of any issues with quality. As an example, I might acknowledge a movie as being well crafted, yet still hate the story and/or the acting. This will probably result in a low FACE Rating.

So, what is the FACE Rating System? The FACE Rating System is a scale of Frowny to Smiley Faces, with 5 Frownys being the lowest possible value, 5 Smileys being the highest possible value, and 0 Faces being an average value. Zero Faces is where everything starts, with my overall feelings about the item reviewed getting more or less positive or negative. A Zero Face rated thing is "okay", in that it did not make me feel particularly good or particularly bad overall. Most things in existence are at 0 faces, and the majority of things that are NOT 0 faces fall between 2 frowny and 2 smiley faces. 5 smiley or frowny faces are extremely uncommon, and are reserved for the most spectacular or reviled things.

Where did the FACE Rating System come from? Well, a buddy of mine (over at invented it because he was frustrated with the lack of emotion conveyed in standard rating systems, but wanted more granularity than a simple "thumbs up" or "thumbs down", which conveyed the feelings just fine, but not necessarily the full range of feelings that a reviewer might experience.