Thursday, March 14, 2013

Kotas Reviews the Cool Ranch Dorito Loco Taco

So, Taco Bell is expanding their Dorito Taco line with the ever popular "Cool Ranch" flavor. In a fit of laziness and weakness, on Tuesday I was able to sample this unholy creation.

If you've had the original Dorito Taco, you know mostly what to expect: A taco in a cardboard holder, designed to prevent it from cracking and crumbling too much. Thing is? It is not really needed here. With the nacho cheese flavored version, the shell itself was basically a weird-shaped Dorito, which is to say, not the best option for an edible food container. Thus it would basically shatter and fall apart after the first bite.

The Cool Ranch version is a different sort of beast. Rather than take a Dorito and make a taco shell out of it, they've taken their standard taco shell and just dusted it with Cool Ranch seasoning. Like any meh sequel, it takes the original concept, makes it cheaper, and hopes the audience won't notice. Well, I Noticed. There is an upside though. Standard taco shells at Taco Bell are less prone to cracking these days, and this incarnation didn't shatter at all.

Flavor wise, it's not bad. The Cool Ranch taste comes through a little stronger than the nacho cheese flavor did in the original, but the taco's standard flavor overwhelms it after a few bites. I happen to like the food substance that we call Taco Bell tacos, so this isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it certainly makes you question if this "premium" upgrade is worth it.

On a scale of 5 frowny faces to 5 smiley faces (The McLaughlin Scale), I give this 0 faces. It's not terrible, but it seems a little half assed. It also does not solve the problem of its predecessor: The taco flavor negates all lesser flavors.