Thursday, May 19, 2016

Kotas Reviews Chili Nut Peanut M&Ms

Well, we're back again. This time with more M&Ms! The first attempt at combining "nut" flavors with Peanut M&Ms was just sort of...meh. What will today's iteration bring? The heights of rapture, or the sinking depths of terror? Maybe the level plain fields of okay? Let's dig into Chili Nut Peanut M&Ms!

That's a mighty suggestive pepper there, bud. 
I never really understood the whole "spicy chocolate phenomena. It is totally a trend, and yes, I realize that some ancient cultures consumed chocolate with various peppers and chillies, but it is a trend I simply rarely see done well. I like spicy food, but the spiciness must be paired with a good flavor or else it just seems like "burning" was added. This occasionally can work, but I remain skeptical of its use in chocolate by a major manufacturer. The packaging is nice at least. Onward!

Ah orange. Nature's Danger Signal.
The color scheme here fits pretty well. Red, more different red, and Orange. You know, like fire. Or possibly an angry flying social insect. Anyway, it's on theme, which as anyone who is me will tell you, is quite important. The taste is...well, disappointing. It tastes like a Peanut M&M, and then your mouth catches fire. This is absolutely the basest form of "make another food burn and call it spicy" that I've encountered in the candy world. It has no chili flavor of any kind, only "chocolate, peanut, and suffering." This is pain for pain's sake. It doesn't accentuate anything, it's just there as an afterthought. More likely they were like "oh man, we need at least three flavors to vote on. Honey nut is obvious...what else is there? Dry Roasted? Nah man, how about Spicy? Hot peanuts are totally a thing!" "Well, could we make it based on chillies?" "Sure, I guess if you don't want to try..." "SHIP IT." It's not awful, but it is also not particularly good, is what I'm sayin'. Good for practical jokes, I suppose.

On the FACE Rating System, this gets 0 Faces. I don't hate it, but I certainly don't like it either. It seems like they didn't really put a lot of effort into it to make it interesting beyond "people like spicy things, right?" If you really just love the mouth feel of "spice burn", this might be right up your alley, but me? I'll give it a wide berth. Except maybe when pranking.